STORY JAM // music + stories

I Voted

January 01, 2021 Stephanie Rogers Episode 7
STORY JAM // music + stories
I Voted
Show Notes

Story Jam is a music and storytelling show that features top storytellers and original songs written for each story.
In this episode, we hear a personal story by Nestor Gomez followed by a song written for the story and a brief conversation with Nestor and producer Stephanie Rogers. 
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Producer: Stephanie Rogers
Audio Mix/Music Production: Danny Shaffer
Theme music: Craig J Snider
Voiceover: Kenny Burroughs
Story: Nestor Gomez
"I Voted" music & lyrics by Liam Davis & Stephanie Rogers


Guitar/Vocals: Liam Davis
Bass: Rafe Bradford
Drums: Gerald Dowd
Guitar: Danny Shaffer
Piano: Fred Simon
Sax: John Bowes
Vocals: Kari Nelson
Vocals: Stephanie Rogers

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